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Re: Starter distribution Clive Cooper Wed Feb 01 18:04:03 2012

> I bought a new laptop in November (HP Pavilion dv6-6002sa Entertainment
> Notebook) and wish to start working on LFS 7.0 on it (replacing the
> existing OS with Linux).  What distribution is most recommended to use
> as a base?  I plan to start off with replacing Windows with a general
> distribution but to put Windows back on in a virtual machine through
> Virtual Box for work purposes.  I wish to create my new distribution as
> another virtual machine which I plan to use to replace the host OS when
> it is ready and I know more about what I'm doing.

I guess everyone will have their own preference here but for me there
is no better Linux distro than ArchLinux. that statement is not
intended to start a flame war.
ArchLinux is a rolling distro so you can keep it up to date
daily/weekly very easily. It is also very lightweight and simple. The
ArchLinux website has excellent Wiki's and the forums are very active
so answers to questions come pretty quickly.
I am running an HP G62 myself and I have been using ArchLinux for
about 4 years now on various computers and there is no way I would
change to another distro.
I also strongly advise that you get more than just a few opinions
though. What works for one person does not necessarily work for

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