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Introducing myself Rodrigo Marcondes Thu Feb 09 22:00:08 2012

Hello Fellas,

My name is Rodrigo, and I'm a Computer Science student on Brazil.
I'm starting the Linux From Scratch 7.0, and liking the way things are
I'm still preparing the enviroment for developing, and reading about most
of the stuff on Linux that I have to compreend to make a better use of the
book. I have experience with Ubuntu mostly, but I want to try an distro
much less expensive in the means of processing, I'm going to try using it
on a 1.7GHZ notebook, a realy limited one. So any suggestions would be of
trully inspiration.
I've made subscription also to the group e-mail of LFS Support yesterday.
Any group you guys would suggest to follow on with, so that I can learn
stuff of my knowledge level and possibly help others?

Thanks a lot fellas, I'm realy up to learn and make friends.

Rodrigo Marcondes Quintas dos Santos
(19) 8817-1946
FAQ: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/faq/
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