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Re: Gnome Libraries verses Gnome1.4 Libraries Simon Geard Mon Mar 31 03:29:50 2003

Nick Gray wrote:

> http://beyond.linuxfromscratch.org/view/cvs/gnome/otherlibs.html
> (Chapter 37. Gnome 1.4 Libraries)
> Says
> "This section contains additional GNOME 1.4 libraries, needed by some
> applications that have not yet been ported to Gnome 2. None of these
> libraries are needed for a Gnome desktop install."
> If I followed step 32 completely, I shouldn't need to install anything
> from section 37. Right? This is almost what the comment says but not
> quite. I kind of took that for granted until I went to compile
> xscreensaver and it seemed to think I was missing a lib.

Basically like it says. You only need the 1.4 stuff if you're using apps
that haven't been ported to 2.x yet - they're not a mandatory part of
the 2.x desktop.

As for xscreensaver, I believe that should work with 2.x, but you'd have
offer more info for anyone to help on that...

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