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Re: GDM AND KDM Michael Brown Thu Jun 24 10:03:11 2004

> May i suppose that installing gdm from BLFS-bootscripts and
> subtituing the references to GDM by KDM would work? or KDM requires
> aditional configuration?

I don't remember this being in the book anywhere, but I never used a
bootscript to start kdm. Instead, I added this line to the very end of

x:5:respawn:/usr/bin/kdm -nodaemon

That starts kdm. That's why you're trying to do, right: Use kdm instead of
gdm? I'm not sure which is the right way - using a bootscript or starting
through inittab, but inittab always worked for me.

And as far as I remember, kdm configuration is handled through a file
called kdmrc.

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