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Re: kudos Uwe Bonnes Tue Apr 03 08:02:22 2012

>>>>> "Thomas" == Thomas Heller <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Thomas> I'm fascinated that I'm able with libftdi to write with nearly
    Thomas> 20MB/s and at the same time read with the same datarate to a
    Thomas> FT2232H in sync-fifo mode.  Great work!

    Thomas> One question: I was able to cross-compile libftdi-0.20 on linux
    Thomas> for Windows.  Is it possible to compile libftdi on Windows
    Thomas> natively?


as I understand, libftdi-0.20 uses libusb0 and so your tests was _not_ with
Are you sure, you didn't sink or source data from something equivalent to
/dev/null or /dev/zero? 
Can you show your code?
What was your machine/usb-chipset?

Otherwise, to compile libftdi on Windows, you need gcc and friends on
windows, and the same export libraries you probably provided for
libusb0. Let us know your progress!

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