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Re: woodwind diagram docs David Kastrup Sun Aug 22 01:00:04 2010

Benjamin Peterson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> 061fe4a0a6dc06f2d5374f152173cdaac883575f add docs for woodwind diagrams to a 
> new
> section, "Specialist notation -> winds." I think at least a mention of them
> should be in "Common notation for wind instruments" where there's already a
> discussion of fingering marks.

As to the syntax: I think that it is sort of clumsy to create half a
million of identifiers for various coverage degrees of a hole combined
with other features.  Scheme has fractions.  IIRC, the diagrams are
pieced together programmatically anyway, so arbitrary numbers between 0
and 1 could be supported while making the code actually simpler.

Instead of piling together attributes in an identifier name, it would
seem more natural to create something like property lists.

David Kastrup

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