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Re: PATCH: Countdown delayed by Monster Trucks Graham Percival Sat Jul 30 17:00:11 2011

On Sat, Jul 30, 2011 at 04:49:43PM -0600, Colin Campbell wrote:
> I'll be less than useful Tuesday and Wednesday next week, as I'm
> managing a bit of development work by our VAR, and starting
> Thursday, I'll be offline at the Edmonton Folk Fest (John Mayall,
> Gypsy Kings, Duke Robillard . . .) until Monday the 8th.  Would you
> or James look after the countdowns for me, please?

ok, sure.  It'll probably take a few days to get patches back at
the patch-review stage, so I don't anticipate a huge flood.

> and try to focus on a GOP PROP for patch handling.  It's looking
> like it might need to be several parts, because there are large
> social implications viz. the GOP 7 discussion as well as
> technical ones: I gather Guido is moving to subversion for
> Rietveld, for example.

Breaking down discussions into specific questions can save a huge
amount of time, both in your preparation time and the later
discussion.  I wager that you're considering a few options that
will be total non-starters; if you can clarify a few basic
policies before investing a lot of time on those options, you will
probably feel a lot better about the end result.

- Graham

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