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Re: Reintroduce beaming "begin" rules back to solve issues? Xavier Scheuer Wed Feb 22 15:00:39 2012

On 20 February 2012 00:56, Carl Sorensen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Quoting Gould: "In 3/4, any number of quavers can be beamed together[,]
> provided that groups in 3/4 do not give the appearance of 6/8
> accentuation.  a4. a8[ a a] incorrectly implies 6/8 accentuation.  (Music
> from the Classical and Romantic periods frequently uses this beaming --
> the context makes it clear that cross rhythm is not intended."
> 3/4 appears to have 6/8 accentuation when a half measure is beamed
> together.
> I would welcome suggestions you might have for a better name.

I have ordered Ted Ross and Gardner Read books (not received yet), so
next time I will be able to seek myself in these books instead of
asking on the mailing list what they say about this.
I will probably consider buying Gould also, but later.
And I have no opposition to your name, no "better" suggestion either.

> I understand your concern, but I'm not overly concerned with this problem.
> beamHalfMeasure *only* applies in 3/4 time, as does beamFullMeasure.
> strictBeatBeaming allows users to change the subdivision to respect beats,
> if they want it to do so.  It has been demonstrated to produce *no*
> unintended changes in the regtests, which do a lot of checking of beams.
> In all of these cases, the default properties produce the generally
> desired behavior. Changing the defaults is only required to produce
> exceptional behavior.  And the change is quite straightforward, and is
> shown in the documentation.

Thank you for this clarification.  As I said LilyPond beaming rules
system is really powerful, congratulations.

> I'd rather have comments than not, so thanks for your input.
> But recognize that I've spent a lot of hours studying beaming references
> and the beaming code, so I tend to be fairly attached to my code.  I'll
> try to listen when there are suggestions for how to do things better, but
> my prejudice is likely to be that things are just fine.

Of course I recognize it (sorry if that was not clear enough).
I just wanted to make sure all this was intended.
I'm reassured and really grateful for that.


Xavier Scheuer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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