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Re: Partial Lyrics Cause Unwanted Combining David Kastrup Sun Feb 19 12:00:13 2012

Marteno MINIĤ <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> ... it has the same effect as before (i.e. notes "e" and "g" wrongly
> put on the top of each other).
> If I do this...
> ---------------snippet2-starts-----
>     \new Staff { \clef bass
>            \new Voice \relative c { c4 c  }
>            {
>              <<
>                  \new Voice = "pabadaba" \relative g { g8
>                       f e d  s1*0 }
>                  \new Lyrics \lyricsto "pabadaba" { pa
>                     ba da ba }
>              >>
> ---------------snippet2-ends------

No, the snippet doesn't end yet.  After adding all the missing braces
and removing the non-breakable spaces, however...  I actually used
\lyricsto "pabadaba" \lyrics { ... instead of \new Lyrics in a first
attempt to change things which did nothing but in connection with the
s1*0 (you can also just append 1*0 to the first pa) it worked.  So I did
not suspect that my first ineffective change was also necessary.  But it
does not with with any nonzero duration.  Apparently the lyrics context
has to _end_ before the associated lyrics even start for real.  Totally

David Kastrup

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