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Re: Using Development Versions, Introducing LilyPond to Others James Worlton Mon Feb 20 12:00:13 2012

On Feb 20, 2012, at 9:40 AM, Mark Mathias wrote:

Finally, since 2.14, LilyPondTool no longer works as it did and I haven't seen anything from Mr. Fodor about it for several months. Did I miss something? Is there a better way to work on a Lilypond file than jEdit with LilyPondTool?

I was using jEdit with LilyPond tool also and when it broke I went back to using the LilyPond editor for Mac (ancient PPC OS 10.4), until that broke with 2.15.27. It now works again with 2.15.30. It is not the easiest environment to work in, but it works.

My main Lilyponding however has moved to Windows 7 with Frescobaldi. I love it. Frescobaldi is great, and contrary to jEdit & Lilypond tool (which I also loved till they broke), is a dedicated Lilypond environment.

So, depending on your OS, there are various options beyond jEdit.

James Worlton

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