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Re: Printing bar numbers for partial measures David Kastrup Wed Feb 22 15:00:53 2012

Xavier Scheuer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On 22 February 2012 23:18, Xavier Scheuer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I need to install git, read the relevant n pages of the CG that
>> explain the whole procedure for doc additions and the specific part
>> for adding a new snippet (IIRC is not as easy as correcting a simple
>> typo in the doc), remind the texinfo stuff, etc.

Wrong.  You need to write the text and post it on the developer list or
the bug list where it will get picked up, if by nobody else, by the bug
squad and turned into an issue report from where a developer will at one
time create an entry.

> And I have a life besides that (with work, duties, etc.).
> My entire time is not dedicated to LilyPond.

But you expect others to have their "entire time" dedicated to LilyPond
and raise a stink when you think they don't do enough in that regard.

And you have a million of reasons why you should not be doing what you
expect others to do.

Do yourself and the others a favor and don't parade your self-righteous
views on the lists.  The more people you convince, the fewer people will
be doing something for you and for others.  That's a high price to pay
for "being right", and it is not only you who is paying it.

David Kastrup

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