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Re: time signature question David Kastrup Sun Feb 26 11:00:59 2012

Kieren MacMillan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Hi David,
>> this is almost cute enough for a bounty:
> It works exactly as I had hoped.
> What's a reasonable fee for your effort?

Hard to say.  Writing this up now was good for about €18 (5 minutes was
a bit boastful as an estimate, even though this went through without
major puzzlers).  If you want to show your appreciation that I was
responsible for a lot of the infrastructure actually turning this into a
straightforward job, you can take your pick of either

a) doubling the amount

b) creating and "issueing" a nice snippet from it (probably using
   something like \repeat unfold 7 c'8. or so as a somewhat more
   illustrative content) and going through all the motions until it has
   made its way into the LilyPond documentation.

I think that this code would make for a nice snippet.  It exercises a
fair bit of functionality without major distractions in between.

David Kastrup

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