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[Linux-cluster] Status script action timeout Miroslav Zubcic Thu Jun 21 12:04:38 2007


Today early in the morning I have suffered from oracle (yuck!) listener
bug. Routine in status () in service monitoring script in my RHCS never
returned, just hanged forever. I have received error only after oracle
listener was restarted and oracle has been restarted in working hours
because listener hanged in 04:03 AM.

Is there some timeout parameter for rgmanager? Something to put in
cluster.conf? Man page doesn't mention anything, rh-cs-en.pdf neither,
so RTFM dosen't help. There must be some way to control timeout from
status routine in cluster control script right?

Thanks ...

Miroslav Zubcic, Nimium d.o.o., email: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Tel: +385 01 6390 782, Fax: +385 01 4852 640, Mobile: +385 098 942 8672
Gredicka 3, 10000 Zagreb, Hrvatska

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