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Re: [linux-pm] Resume/wakeup during sleep transition Alan Stern Sat Dec 04 12:35:48 2004

On Sat, 4 Dec 2004, Pavel Machek wrote:

> > > After all, if the wakeup/resume event had occurred just _prior_ to the 
> > > start of the sleep transition, it would effectively have been lost anyway.
> > 
> > How so?  If it were _prior_ then there'd have been no reason
> > not to respond immediately; nothing lost.
> You have fully runing system and get wakeup event, what do you do?
> Ignore it => if you are currently suspending, and get wakeup event,
> just ignore it. If it had come second earlier you'd ignore it, too...

That's not a good way of describing it, since a fully running system won't
get any wakeup or resume events.  However...  If you have a running system
with a selectively suspended device, and the device sends a resume request
and consequently is resumed, and then a second later the entire system
goes to sleep -- the net effect is the same as if the resume request had
never been received.

Alan Stern