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Re: [linux-pm] Re: Suspend "core": what to do now ? Rafael J. Wysocki Mon Jun 27 15:39:04 2005


On Monday, 27 of June 2005 23:23, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
> > So I'm still sitting on that rewrite of the pmac suspend code including
> > suspend to disk consolidation etc... that I would really like to get
> > upstream. However, I'm still having a problem:
> > 
> >  - I'm still adding all those callbacks to pm_ops, Patrick wants to get
> > the stuff out of the core, which I agree, but I don't feel like "fixing"
> > x86 neither :) Pavel wants to keep the existing stuff.
> I'm currently on the "vacation" (lingvistic conference); away from
> x86-64 machines. I'm likely to accept any solution that is not uglyer
> than current situation, but you'll either have to convert x86{,-64}
> yourself, or wait... probably until Ottawa. I'll be out next week, and
> then probably overloaded with pushing my patches and getting Canadian
> visa.
> >  - If I keep my callbacks addition, we need to consolidate
> > kernel/power/disk.c with kernel/power/main.c. I need all callbacks in
> > both cases. The current inconsistency makes little sense.
> Yep, disk.c/main.c separation makes little sense.
> >  - I want that in 2.6.13 final, so please, let's decide something :)
> Start getting x86-64 machine, then ;-)))))). Or force ppc into current
> infrastructure somehow.

I think I'll be able to help in a couple of days.  Then I can take care of the
x86-64 stuff, possibly with some assistance of someone more
knowledgeable. ;-)


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