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Re: LiveCD Project Jeremy Huntwork Sun Aug 01 14:00:26 2010

On 7/31/10 9:50 PM, J. Greenlees wrote:
> Then we would need to add an email client and an irc app to the cd as well.
> That is the one benefit of seamonkey, it provides all 3 in one build.

Still, if the end result is that we have much worse performance, or 
greatly increased image size compared to what we might have separating 
these apps into three, then I'd say I would prefer splitting them apart.

Let's try to do some solid research. As you say, security isn't as much 
of a concern in a throw-away LiveCD system, but let's compare actual 
pros and cons with various apps before we decide on one.

Seamonkey is nice for that all-in-one aspect, but are there advantages 
to trying something like, say, Chromium as a web browser, or as Drew 
suggested Conkeror (which I know next to nothing about)?

I think the main aspects to weigh are size, performance, usability and 
ease of development/maintainability.


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