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Re: Community Web Themes Meeting Summary Jesper Jarlskov Fri Jun 11 18:00:59 2010

Hey team

Are there any discussions about which versions of the different CMSs designs
will be made for? Ubuntu-dk are currently looking into developing a new site
in Drupal 7, and having a theme to use as a basis would be rocking.

Jesper Jarlskov

On Thu, May 20, 2010 at 10:40 PM, Matthew Nuzum <[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> wrote:

> Hello all, we had great participation for the community web themes.
> I'm attaching a document of the meeting. It's not an exact
> transcriptions, I edited parts to make it more readable and to reduce
> the length.
> Here is my agenda and summary of what was decided for each point. I'm
> going to send a separate email for action items. Let me know if I left
> something important out.
>  1. Introducing myself, others from the company
>  2. Mention new branding https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand2
>  3. Introduce the web presence team and invite those who are
> interested to join it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website
>  4. Indicate plans for releasing new website with new branding
>    1. Increased quality of content
>    2. Greater focus on appealing to a broader audience (ref. Mark's
> curve from UDS)
>    3. Better navigation
>    4. Far more complex of a theme and site management work-flow
>  5. Discuss previous problems with fragmented community themes
>  6. Talk about ideals for forthcoming community themes
>    1. Unified and consistent
>    2. Designed to allow individual teams to express their unique make-up
>    3. High quality, respects brand guidelines
>    4. Harmonious with but not identical to main www.ubuntu.com
>    5. Differing by application in ways that exploits the benefits of
> the platform (i.e. drupal theme may differ from wordpress, wiki,
> forum, etc)
>  7. Availability of assets to the community
>    1. CSS and images used in the website available to community teams
> at the time of site's launch, license details forthcoming
>    2. Logos and logo guidelines available at
> http://www.canonical.com/logos
>      a. Please read and respect the logo usage guidelines
>      b. Please read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand
>      c. Please use this as a reference:
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/VisualIdentity
>    3. Additional assets from the designers will be available at, or
> shortly after the launch of the new theme
>  8. What do we need
>    1. A plain, base HTML template that can be the foundation for other
> templates. Clean design, and code, easy to implement for other themes
>    2. Application specific themes: wordpress, smf, drupal, django,
> rails, moin moin, planet planet, fluxbb/punbb, dokuwiki, elgg
>    3. A launchpad project, one branch per theme with a master branch
> for the base-theme containing resources used by the others
>    4. A place of reference for these themes -
> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Website/WebThemes
>    4. Mention the work by MTechnology and echowarp on a drupal theme
> and how we can use base-themes with ubuntu branding on top of them
> (ref zen drupal theme)
>  9. Who gets to use these themes?
>    1. Official community websites
>    2. It is not our plan for this project to create general purpose themes
>    3. non-official community sites can use the themes if the branding
> is removed and they are made to look distinct from the community
> themes
>       * Exceptions may be made for unofficial community sites, case
> in point being "spread ubuntu."
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