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Re: Please share with your LoCos Rafael Carreras Wed May 25 05:01:21 2011

2011/5/25 Alan Bell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> On 25/05/11 10:16, Rafael Carreras wrote:
>> I got some complaints about using google docs for that survey from
>> Catalan LoCo Team. I assume it was the quickest way to do that, but
>> not always the quickest is the better, right?
> it doesn't impose any non-free dependencies on the users, it is using
> software as a service as a communications tool (which is OK according to RMS
> and the FSF as long as you are not depending on it to perform your
> computational activities) it means that the results could end up being
> shared using an open file format, and it is quick and good enough.
> I am sure launchpad or the loco directory teams would welcome contributions
> from the Catalan team to add survey functionality.

I know, I know. :-)

Rafael Carreras Guillén

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