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Re: Changing Ubuntu Egypt group owner Martin Owens Tue Sep 06 00:00:50 2011

Dear Ahmeds and Karim,

The general rule in all conflicts is that it is best to think the best
intentions of all involved.

I could imagine that all peoples involved in any LoCo could be at a
difference just from organising in very different places and talking on
different mediums. It's happened before.

Merging the teams communication is important here. Karim, your offer to
set down as a leader and to continue on as a normal member is the best
way to proceed I think. But it would be good to have a guarantee that
each eager member has joined the mailing list and perhaps the loco

Good luck to your LoCo and if you can, I recommend a physical meeting so
you can all know each other more (if possible).

Best Regards, Martin Owens

On Tue, 2011-09-06 at 01:47 +0300, Ahmed Toulan wrote:
> If you have been following the mailing list, you would have known that
> we
> had some small to medium events. Different people on this mailing list
> contributed with whatever they can. What prevented you from doing the
> same
> ?! I can see that you replied to the email sent to the loco-contacts
> mailing
> list, so I guess you're following this while totally ignoring the LoCo
> team's mailing list (just an opinion).
> Also sending this directly to the loco-contacts is really offending,
> and
> seriously you're in no position to judge this team. 

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