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Re: XMLLayoutTestCase fails on Solaris Jostein Tveit Wed Jan 17 06:00:22 2007

Curt Arnold <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> The offending code is very likely the tail end of
> include/log4cxx/spi/ location/locationinfo.h.  That fragment
> attempts to detect Microsoft C ++ and use its __FUNCSIG__
> predefined macro or gcc and use its   __PRETTY_FUNCTION__ macro.
> Any other compiler will get blank class  and method names.
> Likely using __func__ in the fallback case would  be better, but
> it would likely give you a mangled name and not a  clearly
> distinguishable class and method name. See
> http://durgaprasad.wordpress.com/2006/11/

Seems like this is the case, yes.

> I don't think the locationinfo.h file has changed in the period
> that  you mentioned, but maybe those tests were enabled since
> then.

That is probably true.

> I'll take a shot at making the code behave okay with __func__
> tomorrow (using gcc as a test bed). 

That would be great. Please update the unit test also.
Thanks in advance.

> I have OpenSolaris (nvd49)
> and  Sun Studio 11 on a VM, but haven't installed Subversion any
> other  tools or gotten a build going yet.  So any hints would be
> appreciated.

On my Solaris 8 SPARC I had to install the following packages to
get Subversion working, but this may of course differ from your

Regarding the compilation on Solaris 8, the following HOWTO still
works. (Skip step 1).
<URL: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.apache.logging.log4cxx.user/1271 >

Jostein Tveit <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>