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Re: Is log4cxx still alive? Palic, Darko Fri Feb 03 17:03:09 2012

Hello all,

I love log4cxx, because I love log4j and of course log4net.
There do you find a logging component which behaves nearly identically with nearly identical config files? And so nearly every platform is possible?

BUT, without active release cycles and a willing to integrate user provided patches, the community will go away, even if the community isn't already gone. From the users perspective the projects seems to be dead. What I am personally doing to check if I would invest effort into a new component. I am first checking the release cycles. The second test is to analyze the mailing list traffic. The third test is to check how fast and often the developers response. Every factor says: the project is dead. (Anyway I took the log4cxx, but on really long discussions with my colleagues)

From the patching perspective, I have the same experiences like many of you. We have also found some bugs, some of them have already been fixed, but are only available as patches in the mailing list.

I could provide a patch, there we use shared mem for a high performance syncing of multiple processes into one log destination. But I haven't even tried it to provide the patch, since bugfixes haven't been integrated for years. We have solved it by making a "private fork" in our private repository, there we've integrated the patches of the mailinglist. But this is a damn stupid way!

I would like to support log4cxx to enhance by integrating the nightly builds including the integration of Unit-Tests. I can also offer a build platform (hardware and software), if we would reach some limits at apache.org. Here I could provide some knowledge we are already doing for multi platforms. I can also offer to provide the shared mem logging as a patch.

So if the current log4cxx maintainer are willing to open their mind to give some new developers the possibility to commit patches, I am sure the project will again gain velocity. I think it would be pretty easy to find willing new developers to maintain and enhance the code. And if necessary a democratic election for a (existing, or new) project-lead will do the rest.

Just my 2 cents.

bye Darko

On 01/26/2012 03:10 PM, Chris Larsen wrote:
You could characterize log4cxx as undead.
I love using Log4cxx and it's been working wonderfully in my apps over the
past couple of years. But I also submitted a patch that was never included.
Maybe the maintainers moved on to other projects and we need to find some
new ones? Anyone want to volunteer?

Chris Larsen