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Re: Is log4cxx still alive? Rhys Ulerich Fri Feb 03 17:03:11 2012

> Given that log4cxx seems to be stalled, why don't you fork it?

The Apache infrastructure already in place for log4cxx is excellent
Forking it would be a damned shame as we'd lose that.
Plus forking is appropriate when there's a difference of vision,
design, or licensing.  None apply here.  Increasing the number of
committers/maintainers is a much better option, IMHO.

On possible way forward (with the hopes that the developers are
lurking and might bless the idea)...

How about the community plans two minor dot releases?  For 0.11.0
maybe two or three new committers comb the issue tracker for bugfix
patches, apply them, and release.  The current maintainers oversee the
0.11.0 release.  For 0.12.0 maybe those new committers solicit and
review patches from folks like Darko who hasn't prepared them because
he was dissuaded by log4xx's inactivity.  Get one of the new
committers to run the 0.12.0 release process with the current
maintainer's oversight.  After 0.12.0 the maintainers decide if they
want to transfer over to new folks or if they want to stay involved.

- Rhys