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Re: Is log4cxx still alive? Palic, Darko Fri Feb 03 17:08:47 2012

Hello all,

I think there is no more interest from the core development team to response to the community. So from my point of view, I am personally declaring the project log4cxx as dead - sigh and sigh even more...

I've created a new repo on github, which contains the important svn-repo sources.
The fork is available under https://github.com/dpalic/log4cpp
I've added the trunk and the current tag to git.
- svn-tag v0_10_0 is https://github.com/dpalic/log4cpp/tree/log4cxx_v0_10_0
- svn-trunk is https://github.com/dpalic/log4cpp

If someone is willing to join me, I've created a fork. I will add some of the patches from the mailinglist what I am already using. Maybe there are other patches what would be fine to add to a source distribution.

For the communication I hope we can stay on this mailinglist.


Hi developers,

it is really necessary to define the project lead standpoint to the community. Are there plans to integrate the open patches into the main stream? If so, what will be the schedule? Are there plans to open the repository for more contributors? If so, what are the requirements for the possible contributors?

The recommendation of Pau Garcia is IMHO one way, which could happen right now. But I think it would be the baddest what could happen, if a fork will be made.

@project lead: please come to clean. Nothing is more annoying if there are problems, but no responses from the lead.