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Does log4cxx is thread safe Tomer Guri Wed Mar 21 04:00:45 2012

Hi all,


Though this sounds like silly question, we found production issue which
may expose a small problem with log4cxx thread safety.

We got application crash when trying to write a log line due to level
object being null and accessed.

When deeping our research we found that the way "get levels" functions
are implemented looks to us as not fully thread safety.

The way the function implemented for all log level is:

LevelPtr Level::getError() {

   static LevelPtr level(new Level(Level::ERROR_INT,

   return level;



Now in case two threads are accessing the same time (and at the first
time) to this function the level may return null as static member is not
thread safe on windows by design.

You can see it in the below article:

C++ scoped static initialization is not thread-safe, on purpose!




This can be easily worked around by write dummy log line for each level
when application starts - making sure that level object is initialized

We succeed reproducing this issue with test application causing same
race condition and found the suggested workaround solving it.


My question to you:

1)      Can you approve this is a hole in log4cxx thread safety ?

2)      Did you encounter this issue before ?

3)      Do you agree with the suggested workaround or did you
implemented something else ?

4)      Does log4cxx should be thread safety also on multi-processor
machines ?


Best Regards,

Tomer Guri

Development manager

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