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Re: log4cxx release issue in VS2005 Cory Riddell Tue Apr 28 11:08:15 2009

Peter Gejgus wrote:
> I have log4cxx 0.10.0. I use it as a release dll in my project
> compiled under VS2005. When my project is built in debug, log4cxx has
> no problem. But when I built my project as release, I got a following
> issue:
> "A buffer overrun has occurred in foo.exe which has corrupted the
> program's internal state. Press Break to debug the program or Continue
> to terminate the program."

So, if you press break and enter the debugger, can you see that the
buffer overrun is in log4cxx code?

My first suspicion would be that you have an uninitialized variable
somewhere in your program. For some reason, VS initializes variables in
a debug build and not at all in a release build.