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Re: log4cxx/log4j interoperability renny . koshy Thu Apr 29 15:01:39 2010

Based on Shea's request... I'm releasing this code under GPL3 for anyone
else that may need it.

I've uploaded the relevant files to google code:



Renny Koshy
President & CEO

Rubix Information Technologies, Inc.

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      Subject&nbsp;&nbsp;     log4cxx/log4j interoperability
"Shea Ray-B27964" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

04/29/2010 09:44 AM MST
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Apologies if this  has been answered before, but I have been searching and
haven't found an  answer.

We have an  application that is a mix of Java and C++ code, and are
wondering if we can use  log4j and log4cxx together to log to the same
file, assuming each is defined  with appenders that point to the same file,
and assuming both Java and C++ are  running in the same process.

Is this as simple as  defining the proper FileAppenders on both the Java
and C++ side, or do we have  to use something like SocketAppenders?

Our goal is to have  a single unified log so that users don't have to try
to correlate intertwined  log messages from two different log files just
because the log messages  originated from within different code spaces.

I've used log4j for  years but am new to log4cxx.


Ray  Shea
Senior Software  Engineer
Freescale  Semiconductor