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RE: [EMAIL PROTECTED]: jakarta-commons/commons-logging failed Ceki Gülcü Wed May 12 04:54:59 2004


All hail gump. The use of Priority has been deprecated for over 2
years and it will be removed in log4j 1.3.

Fortunately, the required changes are easy and are backward compatible.
Commons-logging code needs to be changed as follows.

Lines such as

  getLogger().log(FQCN, Priority.FATAL, message, t );

need to be changed to

  getLogger().log(FQCN, Logger.FATAL, message, t );

There 5 or 6 such lines in commons-logging. Note that the resulting
commons-logging code will run on both log4j 1.2.x and 1.3

I hope this helps,

At 12:56 AM 5/12/2004, Paul Smith wrote:

Hi All,

> Not sure if this will get sufficient attention without
> bringing it here, so
> doing so...

Yes, there has been a few changes under the hood in log4j recently.   We'll
have to chat internally to see what we can do, and get back to you.

All hail gump for picking it up.


Paul Smith

Ceki Gülcü

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