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StrongName Shute, James Tue Oct 23 18:03:35 2007


Apologies if I'm posting to the wrong list with this question, but the
page listed on the FAQ for support details doesn't work

Anyway, we've been using 1.2.9 for quite a while but have just been
looking into moving up to 1.2.10.  Having started to do this we noticed
that the strong name changed between these 2 versions, which means we
can't use assembly redirection to ensure all the components we're
loading use 1.2.10.

Having done a bit of googling I found some mention of this issue on the
spring.net lists about a year ago which mentioned the same problem and
that a backwards-compatible version of 1.2.10 would possibly be
released.  However the trail pretty much goes cold at that point.  I've
looked through all the FAQs etc and can't find anything on the subject.

Can somebody fill me in on where things stand with this?

many thanks


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