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Re: need help with strange texture object problem Ralph Gauges Fri Oct 15 03:00:07 2010

 Hi Chris,

I finally got back to my Mac and had time to follow up on your suggestion.
I attached the OpenGL profiler to my application and played with the program until I could reproduce the problem.
I had set the OpenGL Profiler to break

a) on errors
b) on thread conflicts
c) on VAR error
d) after each call to glTextImage2D

I can see that all the right calls to gltextImage2D are made (2 per render pass, one with the proxy target and one with the final image data), I can see that after the second call with the image data, the Profiler displays the correct texture image.

After maybe 20 times I got the error again where the Profiler displayed a different textue from what I saw on the screen, but the profiler never stopped because of an error, only after the glTextImage2D calls.

I also added some debug output to my application to print the OpenGL context pointer and I could see that the context never changes.

I know, this must be a very stupid mistake I am making, so again, would you know of any method that invalidates a texture object besides glDeleteTextures? There must be a reason that sometimes glIsTexture returns GL_FALSE, although the texture was created and bound before and no glDeleteTextures has been called in between.

I am probably looking for all the wrong things, but I really ran out of ideas what else to check.

Thank you very much again for your help


On 10/5/10 9:39 AM, Chris Niederauer wrote:
Can you try running with "Break on Thread Error" in OpenGL Profiler?
There has to be some sort of OpenGL calls or memory stomper for IsTexture to 
suddenly change.  That data structure is non-trivial so a call to OpenGL seems 
much more likely.

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