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Re: [magick-users] Converting to 256 colors Harlan Feinstein Wed Aug 30 23:34:19 2006

  Gabe> Only relatively small (under about 100,000 pixels) are actually smaller
  Gabe> as GIFs than JPEGs. This is because GIF compression just cannot produce
  Gabe> the compression ratios that JPEG can due to its lossless-ness.

I think this depends heavily on the image type itself.  If you're getting it 
from source material (before JPEG's compression might have degraded the 
borders or introduced artifacts into solid-color blocks), and the image is 
"cartoony" (big blocks of not that many colors) instead of "photographic", I'm 
pretty sure you'd be better off with GIF, even if it were a large image.


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