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Re: [magick-users] A place to share imagemagick scripts Anthony Thyssen Tue Feb 26 00:05:36 2008

Ron Savage on  wrote...
| But using ImageMagick's display looping occurs:
| shell> display star.gif
| although there seems to be a bug in display in that the image is
| refreshed far to slowly to match the '-delay 1' option (1/100 sec).

This is a feature NOT a bug.

"display" is for display of single frames AS IS with delays
suitable for slide show usage. IT is NOT ment for fast animations
but image displaying.

"animate" will animate GIF animations properly with the the right
displosal methods AND with the right timings. However it is a little
slower on startup as it has to decode the GIF animation frames for
display purposes.

For more information see IM Examples, Basics

Also look at the shell script, that generates a two image
flicker comparision animation, to find subtle differences between

This script works by generating a pipeline of the commands
compare, montage and animate!!!

As I iterated before, There is NO offical repository for scripts.

Individuals create some repositories, of versiou stuff as what one
person finds useful, others need to modify before they can use.

This includes...
* Some Examples Scripts installed in '/usr/share/docs/...'
  as part of the IM installation (or in the IM sources).

* IM Examples, Shell Scripts area, for scripts detailed in or used by
  the example pages.

* Ron Savages Perl 'Hax' http://savage.net.au/ImageMagick.html

* And some complex image processing scripts by the New Usaer (but long
  time image researcher) Fred Weinhaus

* PHP using the Command Line API by Anthony 'Bonzo' and his RubbleWeb
  pages...  http://www.rubblewebs.co.uk/imagemagick/

* RMagick Examples    http://rmagick.rubyforge.org/
  Which includes the original form that became -polaroid in the

And so on, with other examples, some with and without the actual code

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