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[magick-users] Generating EPS that is both compressed and encoded in ASCII85 Thorpe, Alan Fri Jun 12 06:00:46 2009

Thanks everyone for any advice you can offer in this area...


Of the various EPS output types supported by Image Magick it appears we
can generate compressed output in some cases, but so far there doesn't
seem to be a way to produce both compressed and ASCII85 encoded images
within the EPS. Is this possible?


Yes, this sounds a bit strange since ASCII85 is going to stretch the
compressed binary data back out a bit as the more space-efficient
compressed bytes are replaced with less efficient ASCII characters, but
this is a situation where the original images are very, very
compressible and 7-bit backward compatibility is required. By mocking up
the EPS it appears that the end result of LZW (or other) compression
followed by ASCII85 encoding would be both significant space savings and
no binary data.


Ultimately, the goal is to assemble the compressed and ASCII85 encoded
EPS into an EPSI file. Image Magick does support EPSI, but the same
limitation of compressing and encoding the EPS content appears there
also so it seemed that the simplest step would be to use the more
feature-rich EPS converters and write some outboard code to post-process
the original image and the generated EPS into a EPSI file.


Have I missed a command-line option that can miraculously daisy chain
the LZW encoder with the ASCII85 encoder?


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