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Re: [M-User] basic newsgroup questions Vadim Zeitlin Mon Jul 28 08:04:24 2008

On Mon, 28 Jul 2008 12:00:21 +0000 (UTC) Christian Buhtz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 

CB> 1. M try to recieve all headers (1993) of this group. Isn't there a way 
CB> to setup M that it only recieve the newest headers?

 No. As I said, it's a very lousy newsreader.

CB> 2. I try to set the newsgroup-field in the folder-properties to 
CB> "gmane.mail.mahogany.*"

 This is definitely not supported.

CB> and "gmane.mail.mahogany". But I am not able to 
CB> browser in the sub-folders. M says the folder has no sub-folders. How can 
CB> I recieve a complete list of all avaialbe newsgroups to search in them 
CB> and to subscribe them?

 Check the "Contais subfolders" checkbox in the "Access" page of the
properties dialog, could it become unchecked?

CB> 3. I composed a new message. The To-field is not set. I had to set the 
CB> field type (newsgroup) and the field value (this newsgroup) manualy. 
CB> Isn't there a functionality like "post to this group"?

 No. It's a lousy newsreader, remember.

CB> 4. While composing the message I disabled the second To-header set to 
CB> "SentMail". I didn't know what it is and I only needed to post to the 
CB> newsgroup specified by the first header. This is the normal user 
CB> thinking! 
CB> I didn't know that "SentMail" is something like a was-send-folder. Things 
CB> like this should be done more ergonomicly. 

 Well, its type is Fcc which I think is at least a clue to what it is.

CB> 5. While sending the posting an error occured. The message couldn't be 
CB> send with the local MTA and the sendmail-command couldn't be executed.
CB> Please correct me if I am wrong but isn't the newsserver itself used to 
CB> send postings, too? Why do I need sendmail (is an SMTP-server I think?) 
CB> for that?

 Have you used "Mail|Post news article" for the initial message creation?

 But, again, I don't quite understand what are you doing: if you want to
use M as a newsreader, just forget it. It's not nearly ready for it, it's
not a newsreader at all but a MUA with some NNTP support.


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