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[Mailman-Developers] pre-filter for mailman Ulli Horlacher Wed Jul 01 18:00:29 2009

Since mailman is missing some important (for me) features and I do not
know python I have written a pre-filter in perl.

The features are:

- the admin can defines a config files
        : a list of allowed MIME types
        : weed = commercial ads footer 

- the mail is disassembled in its MIME parts, only allowed TEXT parts get
  in the reassembled mail, not allowed MIME types are substituted with a
  message "part XXX (MIME-type YYY) is not allowed, ignored", allowed
  MIME types are saved on the web server and substituted with a message
  "part XXX is saved at URL YYY"

- missing References header are added

- bad quoting (by wrong auto-wrapping of editor) is corrected

- overlong lines are reformated 

- non-RFC Subject prefixes like "AW:" are substituted with correct "Re:"

- commercial ads are deleted

- full quoting at end of mail is removed

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