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Re: [Mailman-Users] Basic Question, I want only the admin to be able to send emails to the list Mark Sapiro Wed Dec 20 18:07:11 2006

Jed Herzog wrote:
>I have what I hope is a very basic question.  I am setting up a list  
>using Mailman for the first time.  I want only the list admin to be  
>able to send emails to the list.  I know I can set all the  
>subscribers to be moderated but then the admin could be swamped with  
>requests to send email that they will never want to send.  Can I set  
>up mailman to deny subscribers the right to send email to the list?

If you set member_moderation_action to reject or discard, the moderator
won't see the posts. The normal way is to set Reject and set an
appropriate member_moderation_notice. These settings are on Privacy
options...->Sender filters. See
for more about setting up this kind of list.
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