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Re: [Mailman-Users] List Topics (was: accept_these_nonmembers not working) Stephen J. Turnbull Wed Feb 06 12:03:48 2008

Cyndi Norwitz writes:

 > I do not wish to take over the list with meta-discussion but your
 > comments are completely uncalled for.

Since you misunderstand what I wrote, as well as the consequences of
what you wrote, I have to disagree.

 > When I found this mailing list, it appeared to be a general
 > discussion list for Mailman users.  As I said before, if I was
 > mistaken about the purpose of the list then I hope Mark or another
 > list owner will correct me and guide me to a more appropriate
 > venue.

It *is* the right place.  There is none more appropriate.  If there
were, you would have been told so a week ago.  The problem here is
that you haven't brought all of the relevant information to the table.
That's not your fault, you don't have it.

What is a misguided choice is refusing to "bother" the only people who
can provide that information.  The worst thing that can happen is they
might say "no", right?

 > And, actually, my ISP's prices are not dirt cheap, though they are
 > reasonable.

What I said is they would be more expensive if they were paying for
Mailman.  Let's not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.  Which
could happen; cf. Brad's post for pointers to *un*reasonable vendors
who distribute Mailman.  As I wrote before, I don't fault anyone for
free riding; to everything there is a season, including paybacks for
free software you have benefitted from.  Their time will surely come,
in its time.

But you can help by asking them to get in touch with Mailman when it's
appropriate.  This would have been a good time.

 > I like them because they're good people.

In which case, they won't mind contributing a few minutes to reading
your threads to make sure there's nothing the Mailman support staff
needs to know, right?

 > FWIW, I also give away countless hours of my time doing work I
 > could be getting paid for.

It's not about money.  It's not about who has paid their dues or
where.  I believe, and have throughout, that when you (you,
personally) have something to contribute to Mailman, you will.  If you
know what it is.

I'm telling you one thing you (and anyone in your situation) can do
right now: save Mark time by getting your ISP's staff involved, at
least to the extent of a CC.  They're the only ones who can say
exactly what those local changes are so they and the Mailman staff can
try to figure out whether they do or don't impact your problems and

The work can be done without that information, but it's harder and
more frustrating.  Unnecessarily so, as far as we know until you get
in touch with your ISP.

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