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Re: [Mailman-Users] migrated lists getting firefox error, and new name not original list name Troy Campbell Sun Mar 14 22:00:14 2010

Secondly when I send an email using a test list I also get
@mailman2.rmtc.fedex.com as the email address rather
than @mailman.rmtc.fedex.com?

Get it where? If you mean in things like the List-* headers and the
Sender:, fix_url will fix that too if DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and
DEFAULT_URL_HOST are properly set or you can just change a list's
host_name on General Options.

Sorry I was unclear Mark.  When I email to the lists that I moved over
I'm getting this in the sender address: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
rather than [EMAIL PROTECTED]  I tried doing the
 withlist -l -r fix_url listname
but that didn't seem to have an effect?
I also tried
 withlist -l -a -r fix_url
which seemed to run pretty quick considering all the lists and the time
it took to do just one so I don't know if I ran it right?


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