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Re: [Mailman-Users] How to show Human Name but not email address Adam McGreggor Tue Feb 14 10:01:52 2012

On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 07:52:58AM -0500, Gregory Beyer wrote:
> I would like for my users to be able, in the Web Admin interface, to be
> able to see the HUMAN name of subscribers, but not the actual email
> address.  For example, if I mass add addresses, in this format Bob
> Smith<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>   I would like "Bob Smith" to show, but
> not expose"[EMAIL PROTECTED]"
> Now, I know I can turn hidden off and on, but that is all or nothing.
> OFF =  no information about subscribers shows at all  ON=their email
> addresses are shown.  Of course, those are then easily harversted and
> expoited.  I don't want that, but my users want to be able to see who
> they are mailing with.

What's wrong with them using their MUAs for that? Not everyone on a
list has the inclination/confidence/whatever to mail, after all.

I suspect you'll need to add something yourself for this: most of my
lists have large percentages of just email addresses, which is
something you may need to factor in, should you do this; or add in a
"plus n others".

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