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[Mailman-Users] access to list url from own network Anne Wainwright Sun Apr 01 09:00:18 2012


I am running mailman as a relay, it is installed on the office server.

Access from outside the office (home) is fine.

Access from the office network is problematic. It cannot be accessed
using the dyndns address that I have. So I substitute the IP address of
the server and can do most things like adding people to the membership

But, when I search for an address then we get problems, it jumps out of
using the IP address and back to the dyndns address, and we get no hits
from our search, in fact no page.

I guess this is not a mailman issue directly, but any hint as to a
solution would be appreciated. Maybe an apache issue on which subject I
am totally ignorant. Note, apache serves up to the /cgi-bin address
which may or may not be of interest here.


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