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[marathon-testing] JList selection Dave Ward Wed Jan 19 15:01:08 2011

So, I have a JList component that may(or may not) have an item in its
contents.  It is a dialog that allows the user to add/remove views to
their default application.  (Think add/remove headings from a custom
made view).  Anyway, before I want the test to test this "Custom
View", I need to make sure the "Custom View" is "added" to the
default.  I have Marathon open a dialog via a menu selction, then I
want to do the following:

select('JList[AvailableViews]', '[Custom View]')

This works!  However, if the "Custom View" was already applied, it
will not appear in the JList[AvailableViews] component.  That is
completely ok, but the test "fails" because:

"Could not find list cell component matching given property list:
{Text: Custom View}"

For my test I don't want this to be an error...the "Custom View" not
existing in the JList is completely acceptable.

Any ideas?  I attempted to wrap in a try: except: with no luck.

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