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[marathon-testing] Re: Recording Tab key as 'null' in "Raw record" mode xonix Thu Jan 20 08:00:20 2011

Ok, seems our team has fixed this bug as well as other one ('Enter'
not recorded), please check patch: 

Here is description:

Fixes for two bugs:
1. If Enter is pressed in "select" mode in Text Field it is not added
to script (Ex. Login page - after password is entered, Symbol text
field - when symbol is entered)
2. In "key stroke" mode when Tab is pressed "null" keystroke is added
to the script (Ex. Login page - jump from User Id field to Password
field using Tab)

On Jan 19, 7:22 pm, xonix <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi
> When raw recording, the tool generated line
> keystroke('LoginDialog$3', 'null')
> in place where Tab key was pressed. Obviously, it fails to playback.
> Change 'null' to 'Tab' seems to work.

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