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[marathon-testing] Couldn't find component SystemStackError Ali Sat Sep 17 15:01:20 2011

Hello there,

I have a Java GUI screen with a number of components on it. I also
have a custom made component called CollapseableHeader on the same
screen and when I am doing a "print dump_components()" I am able find
my component name registered and printed out.

So far so good, the problem occurs when I try to click on my component
using click("contactsCollapseableHeader"), Marathon isn't able to
click on this component for this screen whereas on a different screen
(with fewer components) Marathon finds it easy to perform click on the
same component type.

Now, I decided to use
click(get_component("contactsCollapseableHeader")) to see if the
component is actually being picked up or not. It throws the following

Failure: Couldn't find component

with heaps of objects and also my component class name

myComponent.CollapseableHeader[contactsCollapseableHeader] (which was
actually registered and present in the Map by Marathon)

I then decided to do a print get_named_components() on my screen and
it errored out giving me the following stack trace:

C:\marathon\myProject\myTest.rb:54:in `test': stack level too deep
        from file:/C:/marathon/marathon.jar!/marathon/playback.rb:58:in

Did anyone face a similar problem? I suspect the problem occurs
because of too many components on the screen and perhaps an
inefficient recursive implementation in Marathon which makes JRuby
throw the stack error.

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