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Re: [Mason] DBI wierdness MK Wed Jun 17 08:01:14 2009

On 06/16/2009 03:56:17 PM, Hans Dieter Pearcey wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 03:39:57PM -0400, MK wrote:
> > Do you want to read thru my entire app?  
> Why not?  I'd rather have more context available than less -- none of
> us are
> Sherlock Holmes, and if we can guess at the solution based on tiny
> bits of
> information, that's as likely to be luck as anything else.

Oh no!  You may regret saying this at some near future point Hans!

> > This statement makes *absolutely* no sense to me.  Are you asking
> what 
> > flavour of SQL?
> No, I was asking about the literal SQL string that ends up being
> passed to DBI
> (after all variables have been interpolated).  Sherrard Burton's post
> elsewhere
> in this thread is an example.

Hmmm.  Alright. As I said, I thought I was doing a decent job of that, 
but evidently it could be better.

> > Here's another bizarre thing:
> > 
> > error:  Can't call method "execute" on an undefined value at /
> > var/www/html/mason/site.pm line 12.
> > context:    

Sorry about that one!


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