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Re: [Mason] configuration problem? Chuck Crisler Tue Jul 28 19:00:06 2009

Yes, server-status is enabled but I didn't see anything relevant there.
The Apache error log does have an error:

[Tue Jul 28 21:11:34 2009] [error] [client] Could not create
'/etc/httpd/mason/obj/.__obj_create_marker': Permission denied

I created the mason and obj directories and gave full permission (777)
on both. Now it is looking for another directory. How can I instruct the
OS to create these directories? Also, I tried to create a user Apache
but it claimed that the account already existed. What more do I need to

Yes, RedHat has a package manager and RPM's. However, there are so many
Perl modules (it seems like 1000+) that I couldn't find Mason. How would
it likely be listed?


On Tue, 2009-07-28 at 11:22 -0700, David Christensen wrote:
> Chuck Crisler wrote:
> > When I try to access handshake.html via
> > http://localhost/handshake.html I get an internal Apache error
> What does 'apachectl configtest' or 'apache2ctl configtest' say?
> Have you enabled server-status?  Any clues there?
> What does the Apache error log say when your hit fails?
> > I did a perl Makefile.PL EVERYTHING=1, make, make test and sudo make
> > install.
> I have better luck with binary packages for my O/S distribution.
> Doesn't RedHat have RPM's and a package manager?
> HTH,
> David

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