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[Mason] WTF mod_perl involuntary caching??? MK Fri Jun 11 07:01:57 2010

I have a directory at home (linux/apache) with an index.html in mason
that was "suddenly" not responding, so switched it with a nothing page
like this:

<p>hello replaced!</p>

Which worked.  Then I switched it back, and still got "hello" (from
seperate uncached browsers).  I have apache (2.2.10) set:

<Files *>
Header set Cache-Control: "private, pre-check=0, post-check=0,
max-age=0" Header set Expires: 0
Header set Pragma: no-cache

What's also weird to me is if I completely remove index.html, I get a
file not found.  Then when I put *the mason page back*, I don't get a
file not found -- I get "hello replaced!" ??!?!?

I can't duplicate this with a normal html page or another mason page --
but now I can't get the "non-responsive" behavior back, either.  The
page is supposed to connect() to another server which was down, altho
the normal reponse to this is an $mason_req_obj->redirect().

Now I have started the other server, meaning the mason page should
complete with no redirect (I have been using this daily for more than a
year).  I've restarted the system.  I've tried the page in lynx to make
sure it wasn't some mozilla related event affecting firefox and
epiphany.  No matter what, I just get the "hello replaced!" page, which
does not even exist now.  Grrrr.  Anyone know what's up?


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