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Re: [Mason] www.masonhq.com back to work? George Hartzell Sat Feb 11 15:00:11 2012

Dave Rolsky writes:
 > [...]
 > I have offered a full day Moose course at some conferences in the past, 
 > and I could probably fly somewhere to offer it if there were enough 
 > interested parties. It's gotten quite good reviews from my students.
 > [...]

I'm one of those students.  Dave's course is *great*.  If you can
catch it at a YAPC it's worth the trip all by itself.  If not, find
some way to get him to your venue.  Failing *that*, ask Dave for the
URL to the course notes (open license, I believe) and work through
them yourself.  You'll be richer for it.


Virtualization & Cloud Management Using Capacity Planning
Cloud computing makes use of virtualization - but cloud computing 
also focuses on allowing computing to be delivered as a service.
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