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Re: [Mason] M2: protect embedded javascript against DollarDot Plugin Bill Walz Wed Apr 11 12:00:24 2012

I don't think it is necessarily a defeat. When I first started doing 
jQuery I looked into $. versus jQuery. and I found that the general 
consensus was that you should only use $. when writing jQuery plugins. 
This is what I decided to do. There are other javascript libraries out 
there that use $. (prototype) But in your plugins you know that $. is safe.

This is probably a religious issue. And much shorter syntax. But i 
digress. My plugins are not served up via Mason.



On 04/11/2012 10:00 AM, Jonathan Swartz wrote:
> On Apr 11, 2012, at 9:57 AM, Oliver Paukstadt wrote:
>> On Thu, 2012-04-05 at 10:53 -0500, Jonathan Swartz wrote:
>>> Oliver - in answer to your original question, I don't have any good ideas 
>>> about the best way to "escape" $. in code, but I'm open to ideas you have 
>>> and would be willing to put some kind of escaping syntax in, as long as it 
>>> didn't break something else in the process :)
>> I think best is what Bill suggested:
>> If I need to embed javascript/jquery code into html I can use the long
>> syntax jQuery.whatever().
> Hmm, ok. Feels like a defeat though. :) The $. syntax probably came into my 
> head because I had been using jquery recently - didn't consider the 
> possibility that it would conflict.

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