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Re: [MEncoder-users] Problem with EDL Fluxid Mon Jun 25 06:07:19 2007

Dnia 24-06-2007 o 04:29:14 Fluxid <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> napisaƂ:

> Hello
> I have a little problem with skipping frames in mencoder. I used that command:
>       mencoder -nosound -hr-edl-seek -o output.v -ovc copy input.mkv -edl 
> myedl.edl
> But ist skips an end of defined block. Here is myedl.edl:
>       3 358 0
> It should skip block beginning at 3 second and ending at 358 second.
> It starts skipping at 3 second, but it doesn't stop and runs to the end of 
> file:
>       EDL SKIP: Start: 3.00  End: 358.00   Current: V: 472.83  A: 0.00     
> 2:0]
> It works without -hr-edl-seek, but it's not what i want
> Is it a bug, or maybe i did something wrong?
> Video source is h.264
> MPlayer/MEncoder are compiled from svn with --enable-gui --enable-largefiles 
> --enable-menu
> Or maybe there is other method to do what i want:
> I want to replace a block of video in one file with block from other, then 
> apply filters (scale) and reencode it. Both files are encodes of same movie, 
> with same fps, but different resolution and key-frames.
> For example:
> Output: AAABBAAAA (Same length)
> Also, i want to take whole audio from File 1 and keep it in synch.
> I know how to encode and scale, but i don't know how to cut those files 
> properly...
> Can i do it without EDL? (If not, how to make -hr-edl-seek work as it should?)

I also tried using EDL while encoding, but here is other problem: I want to 
skip first 6 mnutes, then encode 2 minutes, and skip all the rest. But with 
-hr-edl-seek enabled it runs forward to realise thata at the end of skipped 
block is nothing more to encode (last value of edl file is larger than length 
of movie). This skipping takes about half of hour (because it decodes all 
skipped frames)....

Can anybody help me?
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