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[MEncoder-users] x264 adaptive quantization control Pierre Catello Mon Aug 27 12:03:54 2007


Is there a way to set the parameters --aq-strength and --aq-sensivity of
x264 through x264encopts ?

quoting an x264 author, the strings specified after x264encopts are
forwarded "as is" to the functions of x264 lib :

The parsing is simply: options are separated by ':', and an option name is
separate from its value by '=' (or if there isn't an '=' then the option is
treated as boolean). None of the option names appear in mencoder's source
code. Mencoder just passes the strings to libx264 without caring what they
The last time I updated mencoder for new x264 options was 2006-07-31 (r542).
Several options have been added to x264 since then, but no change in
mencoder was required. Likewise, no change in mencoder is required to
support aq.

I'm quite confused, as some x264encopts options do not seem to text-match
(subq/subme for example)...
and trying anything from -x264encopts "-?-?aq[_-]?strength"  fails in
"unknown suboption"

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