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[Moabusers] Moab.db file to large (29 GB) kamil Marcinkowski Tue Aug 24 11:00:15 2010


I am running moab 5.4.0 with torque 2.3.6
using the internal database feature.

The database has grown into a 29GB monster that  
is threatening to take over the entire disk. 

How do I "logroll" this database. 
ie: get rid of all some of the oldest data to make some space.

I can't find an answer online in the moab documentation.

>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] moab]$ du -sh moab.db
> 29G      moab.db

>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] moab]$ moab --version
> moab server version 5.4.0 (revision 16195, changeset 
> 70002a128fc726332389a33bc309044f38243827)
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] moab]$ pbs_server --version
> version: 2.3.6
>> [EMAIL PROTECTED] moab]$ lsb_release -a
> LSB Version:  
> :core-3.0-amd64:core-3.0-ia32:core-3.0-noarch:graphics-3.0-amd64:graphics-3.0-ia32:graphics-3.0-noarch
> Distributor ID:       ScientificSL
> Description:  Scientific Linux SL release 4.7 (Beryllium)
> Release:      4.7
> Codename:     Beryllium



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 Tel.780 492-0354                     Research Computing Support   
Fax.780 492-1729                     Academic ICT  
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA    University of Alberta           

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